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Some of the national press seem to imply that porn industry workers are living on the breadline. They claim that many Tottenham Court Road Escorts and porn stars are just exploited, and earn a very small amount of money. According to recent news most of the money seems to be earned by porn movie bosses and other big wigs in the industry.


Here at Better Sex we wonder if this is actually true, and thought that we would speak to some Tottenham Court Road Escorts of and a couple of porn stars to see what they think about the earnings in the porn industry.

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Ms. Smith


Ms. Smith is a former Tottenham Court Road escorts who has turned journalist and writer. She worked in the porn industry for many years, and she says that she is proud to still be doing so today. Her first book, Natural Born Sexy Screamers, was a huge success and made her a lot of money. She is currently working on the follow up, and says the publisher has paid her a huge advance.


The Book has the title Around the World with 80 Tottenham Court Road Escorts in 80 days, and sounds like it is really hot and steamy. Tittina has also sold the rights to the script to a movie studio in Los Angeles, and she said that the time spent writing the book was worth every minute of it.


Tittiana firmly believes that many people outside the porn industry are just trying to discredit sex workers and Tottenham Court Road Escorts by claiming the earnings are low. She points out that there are many different ways in which to make money in the porn industry, and many Tottenham Court Road Escorts are branching out to take on different roles.


According to Tittiana, you are just as likely to find female porn stars directing the movies as you are find them acting. Many Tottenham Court Road Escorts have launched their own sex toy and sexy lingerie companies and are doing really well.


The Better Sex Guide to the Galaxy


The Better Sex Guide to the Galaxy was started by former London escort Lucy Watts. So many of her friends were always asking her to fix their sexual problems, so she decided there was a market for this kind of online publication. It is now one of the most popular online sex magazines, and is proudly delivered to over 100,000 “email inboxes” every month.


The online magazine publishes monthly reviews of the best sex toys, sexy lingerie, erotic short stories and some sexy photos. There is also a column written by Sex Expert Dr. Annie Bliss, and it has its own panel of Tottenham Court Road Escorts who keeps up with the latest news in the porn industry.


As a matter of fact, Lucy know says that her magazine outsells many other niche magazines and it seems to be very popular all over the world. She know has subscribers as far as field as the oilfields of Alaska, and many regular readers write in to say how much they enjoy the magazine.


It makes a nice difference to hear about success stories within the porn industry. Perhaps many people outside the porn industry do not realize that many Tottenham Court Road Escorts and porn stars take this business very seriously.

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