My New Addiction to sexy holidays

I am one of those guys who seem to jump from one thing to the next. Last year I was all into dating hot escorts in London, and fell in love with a hot babe at Bury Park escorts. She was one of the sexiest escorts that I had met in London and I loved every moment that we spent together. Like most other escorts in London, she had worked in different fields of the adult entertainment industry. We really did have a good time together and I would love to see her again.
My hot girl from Bury Park escorts introduced me to hedonistic holidays. She told me that she always used to go on them at least once a year and that she had a really good time. At first I thought it seemed a bit weird but that I started to check out hedonistic holidays online. It surprised me how many hedonistic resorts there are around the world. I was not ready to book then but now I certainly am.

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As a solo player I have always gone on holiday on my own. It has always been kind of hard for me to find a place to go. Not all resorts around the world accept single guys. The difference is hedonistic resorts of course. They seem to be more than happy to accept solo guys and I have so far booked one holiday. If I am lucky, my hot babe from Bury Park escorts will be there. That would be great as I really enjoyed her company.
Why did I stop dating the girl at Bury Park escorts? It was not so much to do with me as it was to do with the girl. She moved away and got a job somewhere else. Unfortunately I did not take her telephone number and that was really stupid of me. Of course I could have carried on dating all the other girls at the escort agency but they were not as hot as my babe. Now when I think about it, she was certainly the hottest girl there and I loved her to bits.
Do I still date escorts? I do date some escorts but I have sort of gone away from the idea. At the moment I am kind of really into cyber sex and cyber dating. You are not going to believe this but I am actually looking for my hot bit of stuff from Bury Park escorts. It would be so nice to meet up with her again. More than anything I am looking for a travel companion for my planned hedonistic holiday. I have decided that if I like this holiday, I will book another one straight away. I love to travel and to travel around the world and meeting up with hot women really appeals to me. That is probably the dream of many chaps my age and I will never give up one my bachelor lifestyle. If you were me I don’t think that you would neither.

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