How to manage a hyper libido

Since I had my kids my libido has gone through the roof. My naturopath call it a hyper libido and says that it is influenced by hormone levels. My sister who works for London escorts has a high libido as well, but it is nothing like mine. I think about sex all of the time and want to have sex. When my husband is at work, I often end up watching porn online and playing with my sex toys. Like I say to my sister at London escorts, I am glad that my kids have started school.

Do you know what? I would have loved to have had a career with London escorts, and I often think about sneaking off to my sister’s outcall escorts service. Her boss is a really nice guy, and we get on really well. Both pregnancies were kind of easy on my body, and I have used a lot of oils to limit stretch marks. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and I looked pretty good. My husband says that I look good but he cannot keep up with my libido at all.

I have explained how I feel to my husband and he tries to keep up with me. Of course I have not said anything about my thoughts about outcall escorts. In fact, my husband does not even know that my younger sister works for outcall escorts. If he did that I think that he would not approve at all. Even though I do feel sexy all of the time, I try not to be too much of a burden on my husband. He loves to have sexy, but also needs to work hard to look after our family. I totally get that. When he comes he is tired. All I can say is thank God for sex toys.

Honestly, I have tried to focus my life away from sex, but it is not easy. Recently I started my own business and it ended up being a site specializing in libido enhancing supplement. I know that it is totally nuts, but it works for me. The next thing I am going to do is to start a site selling sex toys.

Like my sister says, she is not going to work for London escorts forever, and will need a business. My sexy sister from the best outcall escorts service is my business partner.

Does my husband know? The truth is that I have not told him. He thinks that I run a blog for busy mums giving them advice on how to shop and save money. After all, I have to explain where the money comes from. My sexy supplement site is doing really well, and I am making some money by selling stuff on my Mummy in London site as well. There are times I feel such a fraud, but I really do need an outlet for my hyper libido until I can learn how to control it. At the moment I am trying diet, but the problem is that I can’t stay away from dark chocolate and that really can send your libido sky rocketing.

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